Bavaria, Barcelona, Sicily

2 weeks break from the “work bubble” to live life again: ¬†Zigeiner B-Day B√§sch aka¬†”IM S√§sch-B√§ng” Sommer-Schoofen dahoam zDaapfe ¬†Skydiving in Empuriabrava ¬† Pri¬†in Barcelona On top of Mount Etna with Monia ¬†My b-day present: a special view onto Sicily

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KraxlStadl Donauwörth

Sooooo bloody happy – they finally built a plastic temple in my home town!!!

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@ “home”…

Looking for a job… a new challenge… …and missing the road a lot!

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Protected: Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!

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New Homepage

Servutz Folks! As you can see I’ve been redesigning my homepage And since this is accompanied by a lot of effort and time… it might take another few days (or weeks) until all pics and stories will be copied. I apologise for any inconvenience, Zigeiner

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“Osang” – Entdeckung & Erstbesteigung!

“Osang” (531,2m) – H√∂chster Punkt der Gemeinde Tapfheim Im Wetterfenster¬†eines jenen¬†Mittwoch Nachmittags wagten sich 4 unerschrockene Eliteexperten¬†auf die Suche nach dem h√∂chsten Punkt ihrer Heimatgemeinde.¬† Neue Ma√üst√§be setzten¬†sie in Hoehenanpassung und Aufstiegsgeschwindigkeit zwischen¬†dem Base Camp in der Hoeslerstrasse¬†(416m)¬†und¬†dem schon vor¬†Tagen angelegtem High Camp¬†in der Goethestrasse (419m). Beim Erreichen des Tapfheimer Gletscher Ausl√§ufers auf 458m √ľ. [...]

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Back Home

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Back home & free again!

Ya, as you might have noticed already… Mr. Zigeiner is back home in da Bavarian Kingdom. I got back almost 2 months ago and since have heavily been working on my bachelor thesis which I handed in 2 days prior(!) to the deadline last week. He he, I think this was the first and only [...]

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Back on the road again!

Goeie dag, servas, kia ora, hola, howz-it & sweet ass my dear friends! Last couple of months have just passed way to fast and time to leave has finally come again: In about 6 hours I’ll be sitting in a plane heading back to Cape Town, South Africa, where I’m going to spend another period of [...]

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Back Home

After an awesome semester with fantastic new mates and great experiences da Zigeiner had to return *cry* back home to the holy land of excellent food & even better beer… So *cheers* to everybody and thanx a lot for spending your time with me! This HP will still remain online but further maintenance is restricted [...]

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