10 Years ABI DON & 4 Years FH DEG

  <– ABI 2001 oder KEINS!   Steiff & Steiffeline @ FH DEG Absolvententreffen 2011

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Rock climbing en Mallorca

Incredible – this island must have been custom-built for rock climbing! Steiff & Zigeiner posing for the self-timer A true climber’s paradise near Port de Pollença A long weekend decorated with red wine, luscious tapas & some sweet climbing with your best mate far away from internet: $$ – P R I C E L E [...]

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Skiing in da Rocky Mountains

So here we ski: knee deep in famous Canadian “Champagne Powder”!! And well, what can I say: It seriously “kicks the horse” and the whole experience of just getting up a mountain and then ski/board down in any possible way (grooms, trees, rocks,…) is sertainly a different world to what we call “skiing” in Europe! [...]

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Steiff’s rockin’ Calgary

Steiff playing “Mary Jane” with The Guilded Lilies @ “Mikey’s” in Calgary .

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“Osang” – Entdeckung & Erstbesteigung!

“Osang” (531,2m) – Höchster Punkt der Gemeinde Tapfheim Im Wetterfenster eines jenen Mittwoch Nachmittags wagten sich 4 unerschrockene Eliteexperten auf die Suche nach dem höchsten Punkt ihrer Heimatgemeinde.  Neue MaĂźstäbe setzten sie in Hoehenanpassung und Aufstiegsgeschwindigkeit zwischen dem Base Camp in der Hoeslerstrasse (416m) und dem schon vor Tagen angelegtem High Camp in der Goethestrasse (419m). Beim Erreichen des Tapfheimer Gletscher Ausläufers auf 458m ĂĽ. [...]

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Skiing in Bavaria & Austria

Something the world needs to know: Our (Saesch-Master, Steiff-Brotha & Zigeiner) “Scheffau” skiing stats:

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Pico de Orizaba (5686m) – Highest Point of Mexico

  The X indicates Piedra Grande - the base camp @ about 4200m Steiff & Zigeiner in backpacker uniform  @ Tlachichuca infront of CitlatĂ©petl On the roof of Mexico! Thanks broffa for sharing this moment with me:) Wikipedia states the following: “The Pico de Orizaba, or CitlaltĂ©petl is the highest mountain in Mexico and the 3rd highest [...]

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Colima – Summary

My first month en Latino America: A lot of partying, drinking, chilling, dangerously spicy food and some crazy raod-trips! Thanks Steiff & Paola for da unforgettable times!!

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