Book Publication

Adventure Tourism in Southern Africa: Development, Strategies and Opportunities for an Increasing Market The work is done. Finished & published! And you guys out there have noooo idea how seriously cool it is to hold his first own, very own book in hands!! ISBN-13: 978-3639103045 Product Description: According to the increase in adventure sports tourism [...]

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(I just had to put up this picture:-) Silhouette of Zigeiner clipping 4th bolt of “Cowboy UP!” grade 22 (-8) @ Rocklands

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Rocklands Road-Mission

Sorry to all da non-Bavarian speakin’ folks out there but this story I really need to tell in my native words. There’s just not da right language available in Engilsh:-) But I guess, with lookin’ @ the pics you should get the idea what happened on last weekends mission: Da fährt der Dreckskarrn (DK) auf [...]

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