Brazil – Summary

Will there be a life without Açaí ever again?! The view over Rio de Janeiro from Niterói Maracanã – the world’s biggest football stadium Ilha Grande Trindade Reggae concert with “Groundation”… …in São Paulo To see all pictures click here:

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Rock climbing in Rio de Janeiro

Since Huaraz (Peru), after exactly 7 months and 19 days, I am back on ROCK! Bouldering along the Pista Claudio Coutinho at the foot of famous Pão de Açúcar (“Sugar Loaf Mountain”) And some easy “warm up” climbing: 46 °C during the hottest days Rio had seen in over 50 years… @ Opposite Urca – [...]

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Carnaval en Rrrrrio de Janeiro

Well, I guess… Since I have passed my final exam (Aconcagua)… It is time for some serious PARTY! More pics? Click here:

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