The dream continues… Mt. Everest Expedition 2015

I’m off to climb to the top of the world. See you in 3 months… Everest Sunset Hillary Step @ 8760m

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Mt. Everest “closed” – what now?

I simply haven’t had the time yet to reflect and write about what (really) happened this 2014 season on Everest. This post is preliminary and will be replaced with my own story  in the near future. Meanwhile if you want to know more about the tragedy of April 18th and why the mountain was abandoned please have a [...]

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Next adventure: the top of the world!

After just months of hectic preparations, the time has finally come. We are off to attempt a 10 week-long expedition to summit Mt. Everest. Never have I worked & trained harder in my life, so yep… let’s bring it on! Dear Google, thank you for buying me this playground! Dear colleagues, if you are wondering [...]

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