Zigeiner live on Google Maps Hangout announcing “The World’s highest peak collection”

Woohoo! Our imagery is finally online!  (And even the German BILD posted my pics:) Last night we announced “The World’s highest peak collection” via a live Google Maps Hangout ⇒ Within 24 hours after the official Google Blog Post “Explore Everest, Kilimanjaro and more with Google Maps” the news have garnered 400+ positive print & online pieces across more [...]

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Elbrus (5642m) – Highest mountain in all of Europe

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in the Caucasus mountain range, Russia & all of Europe. 5 more steps to the summit From sea level to 5600m in just over 4 days left appreciable traces The standard route is classified as non-technical and the mountain can be climbed with an ice-axe + crampons only. So leave your [...]

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Perfect day to work in Lederhosn

⇐   working  @ Google, Dublin  watching BVB : FCB @ Woolshed, Dublin   ⇓

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Wroclaw [wroc-LOVE]

10 days working @ the Google office in [ wroc-LOVE ]   click to enlarge  ⇓     nite-out with a bunch of “Wrooglers” there’s even a plastic temple!! Ah yeah… and some serious pain(t)balling action!       ⇓

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Google @ eDay Vienna

 Did I mention… I love Wien!

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Google Zürich & Suisse EMEX

Zürichsee  TGIF Google Zürich

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…in my 8th country & even in Ireland the sun is out… Boooom! Best B-Day surprise ever – my team imported…  Weisswürscht!!  F*ckin’…  good times!!  

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