Salar de Uyuni (4 days)

1 jeep – 4 days – 5 people from 5 countries – 1000km & a shit load of salt! To read the story and see some more seriously amazing pics click:

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Potosí Holocaust

Potosí, once one of the richest and largest city in the world – bigger than London, Madrid, Rom or Paris – is also the place where the biggest holocaust in human history took place. It is estimated that in the last three centuries Potosí’s Cerro Rico consumed 8 million lives of Indian and African slaves. [...]

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Samhain Jungle Trance Festival

Samhain – festival de arte, musica y cultura alternativa Bolivia – 2 hours north of La Paz – in the jungle In a real castle – the Castillo del Loro, Chulumani Techno, drum & base, progressive, chill out, dub, house, psytrance 500 people & 40 hours pure LUNACY!! To see all pics click:

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Sajama (6542m) – Highest point of Bolivia

It is done done DONE! Mount Sajama – Bolivia’s highest peak. 6542m! And trust me, this is bloody high… A good four weeks have I been in La Paz trying to find a partner, sitting out bad weather or violently emptying my body due to bad food, and right now I am the happiest and [...]

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Huayna Potosí (6088m)

Huayna Potosí, located a two hours drive north of La Paz, was the easiest 6000er I’ve ever climbed: short, quick, non-technical and a good acclimatisation “hike” for the big one (Sajama 6542m:-). I really enjoyed the diversity, especially the little mixed scramble near the summit. Wil (AUS), Elias (USA) – two other backpackers I met [...]

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Death Road biking

The North Yungas Road (also known as the Road of Death, Death Road or El Camino de la Muerte ) is an about 65km long road leading northeast from La Paz to Coroico. It is legendary for its extreme danger and it is estimated that every year about 200-300 travelers get killed in their cars [...]

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