“Skyswimming” & Sónar Festival en Barcelona

I call it “skyswimming”… Good Reggae times @ Empuriabrava beach  Do more of what makes you happy! #kickthatsky What a f*ckin’ Party! ⇐ Boys Noize @ Sónar Festival en Barcelona

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Bavaria, Barcelona, Sicily

2 weeks break from the “work bubble” to live life again:  Zigeiner B-Day Bäsch aka ”IM Säsch-Bäng” Sommer-Schoofen dahoam zDaapfe  Skydiving in Empuriabrava   Pri in Barcelona On top of Mount Etna with Monia  My b-day present: a special view onto Sicily

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IM en Barrrrrcelona

IM Legends in Barcelona Gaulwurf – Säsch – Zigeiner – China – Base Thanks again boys for another unforgettable & rough weekend! MESSIas live @ “Camp Nou” Marching into the morning sun…

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