Adi贸s querido Argentina – I will be back!!

I am tired, very tired from traveling. Even too tired to write about it. So I made the decision to go back home to the Royal Kingdom of Bavaria… tomorrow! It’s been a long time: about 2 years & 9 months. I have traveled all across the American continents, overland, from Canada to Patagonia and [...]

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El tanque alem谩n esta avanzando!!

Vamos vamos Argentina! Vamos a ganar! If it was about fans… but (luckily or sadly) it is… NOT! WOW – What a massacre! “El tanque alem谩n” executed Argentina’s pride and pulled them back to reality. I don’t really know what to write. I almost feel pity for Argentina. But to be honest, I am kinda [...]

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Good times en C贸rdoba

Climbing competition @ PieMano in Alta Gracia Rock climbing @ Los Gigantes Incredible Cruz Working – modeling El tanque alem谩n Friends My 28th birthday @ la Residencia Pedro (Brazil) die betrunkene Schlampe

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Pictures from 1 month Bariloche – Patagonia: Somewhere in between Cerro Catedral & Refugio Frey Together with a handful of friends from C贸rdoba @ Malabar, Bariloche Climbing @ Cerro Ventana More pictures? Click here:

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Rock Climbing @ La Ola

Thanks Viri & Santi for taking me out climbing to La Ola (about 2 hours or 120 kms outside of Cordoba) for the weekend!

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Iguazu Falls

275 falls – 2.7 kilometers long – 82 meters high聽 – average annual flow rate of 1746 m鲁/s Brazilian side Argentinian side ITAIPU dam – the largest operational hydroelectric power plant in the world

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Aconcagua (6962m) – Summit of the Americas

Cerro Aconcagua is the highest mountain of Argentina and the South American continent, highest peak of the Andes mountain range, highest summit of all the Americas & the world麓s highest point outside the Himalaya! Its atmospheric pressure = 60 mm of mercury which equals 37% oxygen proportion of sea level. 2nd February 2010, 14:32 o’clock: [...]

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Ojos del Salado (6896m) – Highest point of Chile

Ojos del Salado is the highest peak in Chile and the same time the highest volcano in the world. It is also the 2nd highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, only 60 meters short of famous Aconcagua. During last week I have reached beyond a level of exhaustion I thought would exist: Together with Simon [...]

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I am currently in C贸rdoba, Argentina eating a lot of beautiful cows and trying to make plans for climbing Aconcagua & Ojos del Salado. In the meantime I will get my “guns” back into shape at the local crags in and around town… Aconcagua (6962m) – the world’s highest peak outside the Himalaya Advise and [...]

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Coming soon…

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