Peru – Summary

In addition to the published stories: I didn’t particularly like Mancora (beach) and its purpose built Loki (spring break) hostal-resort got myself a 1.2m Ayahuasca vine as “walking pole” on Chiclayo’s witch market ate fried guinea pig disappointingly partied in Lima with its local “wannab-gringo” crowd flew over the Nazca lines in a midget plane [...]

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El Misti (5822m) & Nevado Chachani (6089m)

El Misti Climbing El Misti (5822m) is non-technical and straight forward. No ropes or crampons are needed & if you are acclimatised and able to follow a well beaten trail, it can easily be done without a guide. The only problem is to get to the base of the mountain. And unless you are at [...]

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Powerful San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro – the sacred cactus and visionary teacher plant of the South Americas: It is a mescaline containing columnar cactus native to the Andes mountains between 2000–3000m in altitude, also known as Echinopsis Pachanoi, syn. Trichocereus Pachanoi. The San Pedro plant (like Ayahuasca and the famous Peyote cactus in Mexico) is one of the [...]

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Iquitos & the Amazon

To get away from last weeks occurrences in the mountains I decided to spend a few days in Iquitos, the world´s largest city inaccessible by road, deep in the Amazon jungle. With its massive pollution, noise, almost half a million inhabitants & its only “attraction” the floating neighbourhood of BelĂ©n (also called “the Venice of [...]

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Team Belgium falls to death

“Isn´t it an amazing feeling, to know that there is absolutely nothing alse in the world that you would rather be doing at this moment!” Yesterday early morning 3 climbers & friends from Belgium, with whom I have been climbing and living together in Huaraz for the last month, have fallen to death on Tocllaraju West [...]

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Huascarán (6768m)

For almost 2 months have I been in Huaraz now, looking at the beast @ my doortstep. From my breakfast spot on the hostal balcony I watch it every morning burst through the clouds: Huascarán (6768m)! – the countries highest peak – so huge that it creates its own climate! Climbing Huascarán has been top [...]

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Quitaraju – Alpamayo – Artesonraju

Quitaraju (6036m), Alpamayo (5947m) & Artesonraju (6025m) In 10 long, hard & cold days we marched over 60km with a 30+kg pack, covered a total of 18570 meters in hight, left a dream to be continued, made painful decisions and I survived the most shaky moments of my life – it was an unforgetable adventure! [...]

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27 Cumpleaños

They baked a birthday-cake for me!!! Hostal “El Tambo” – Huaraz – Peru .

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Glacier training & Yanapaccha (5460m)

4 days we spent practising, freezing and heavily breathing on a glacier above 5000m before proper ice climbing our first technical peak: “Yanapaccha” (5460m, AD-, 60 degree ice) in the Cordillera Blanca. Zigeiner & Jason (a US rock climber I met @ my hostal in Huaraz) climbing the last pitches of the west face (normal [...]

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Rock Climbing @ “Hatun Machay”

You won´t believe it: A place so beautiful – a place so perfect! God must be a rock climber. Only discovered 4 years ago, it´s already Peru´s largest rock climbing site with an extensive variety of all levels sport routes from beginners to the truly hard core:-) Hatun Machay is a boulders dream with enough [...]

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