Slieve Donard (850m) – Highest hill of Northern Ireland

Proud conquerors: Błażej, Cyril, Chris & Zigeiner

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Bavaria, Barcelona, Sicily

2 weeks break from the “work bubble” to live life again:

 Zigeiner B-Day Bäsch aka ”IM Säsch-Bäng” Sommer-Schoofen dahoam zDaapfe
 Skydiving in Empuriabrava   Pri in Barcelona
On top of Mount Etna with Monia  My b-day present: a special view onto Sicily

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Lunatic: Radon – Rage – Troopers

Our latest games:

- intense, sick, groundbreaking lunacy -

highly addictive!

Lunatic Radon

Click to download to your Android phone!

Lunatic Rage

Click to download to your Android phone!

Lunatic Troopers

Click to download to your Android phone!

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Zigeiner live on Google Maps Hangout announcing “The World’s highest peak collection”


Our imagery is finally online!

 (And even the German
BILD posted my pics:)

Last night we announced The World’s highest peak collection” via a live Google Maps Hangout 

Within 24 hours after the official Google Blog Post “Explore Everest, Kilimanjaro and more with Google Maps” the news have garnered 400+ positive print & online pieces across more than 10 countries. We’ve also seen nearly 100 local and national broadcast clips (including CNN) appear in the U.S., reaching more than six million people.
“Mt. Elbrus” West Summit
“Mt. Elbrus” Diesel Huts
“Mt. Elbrus” Barrel Huts

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Ice-Climbing in Rjukan, Norway

Rjukan Ice Park is a true ice-climbers dream:

  • easy access
  • a whole valley full of 200+ frozen waterfalls
  • stable climate
  • long periods of cold weather

Accommodation: Rjukan Hytte
Guidebook: Heavy Water – Rjukan Ice

Norway is painfully expensive – it’s sick!

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Skydiving AFF Course in Empuriabrava, Spain

Zigeiner is now a certified skydiver – bam – a dream became true!

  • Controlled/stable Exit
  • Circle of Awareness 
  • Backloop
  • Circle of Awareness
  • 360° Turn Left
  • Circle of Awareness
  • 360° Turn Right
  • Circle of Awareness 
  • 180° Turn and Track 3 sec.
  • Circle of Awareness
  • Wait for jumpmaster “ok”
  • 6000′ Wave Off
  • 5000′ Arch, Reach, Throw
  • Check Canopy
  • Locate Landing Area
  • Fly Pattern to Landing Area

The tasks (see left hand side) I had to perform during my graduation jump are secondary – please pay your attention to the supergay jumpsuit:)

Skydive Empuriabrava is a dropzone I’d definitely recommend for first skydiving experiences:
Amongst other deals, they offer a package consisting of AFF Course (Ground School & 8 Jumps) + 10 Consolidation Jumps including all gear hire + 7 Nights (Bunkhouse) + 50 € Bar Voucher for  2075.00 €. Planes: Pilatus Porter, Twin Otter

The closest airport is Girona (GRO). A Taxi from the airport to the dropzone costs about 80 € but if you bring time instead of money you can keep it around 10 € with public transport. There is an airport bus to Girona city / train terminal every hour and the train schedule (from Girona to Figueres) can be found here. From Figueres train station to the dropzone I paid 27 bongos for the 10 minute taxi ride but there is also a bus (stop “Cruilla Empuriabrava“). Car hire (Pepecar, Carhire3000) & minibus group transfer options are listed on the Girona Tourist Guide.

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Rysy (2503m) – Highest peak of Poland (1/2)

Rysy is a mountain in the crest of the High Tatras, lying on the border between Poland and Slovakia. Its middle peak at 2,503 meters is the highest point of Poland. The other two peaks (at 2,499m & 2,473m) are on the Slovak side of the border, in the Prešov Region.

Together with Maja & Monika – two Googlers from the Wroclaw office – I roadtrip across half the country only to…

To the lake it’s a 10 km hike End of climb @ around 2300m

…get sooooo close to Poland’s highest peak – but without crampons it is impossible to continue.
A couple of days ago it snowed so much that I am now stuck in fresh snow up to my balls.
In September… WTF!! (Update: Successful Summit in 2014)


 Click here for a map and a route calculator for the Tatry area.

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Elbrus (5642m) – Highest mountain in all of Europe

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in the Caucasus mountain range, Russia & all of Europe.

5 more steps to the summit From sea level to 5600m
in just over 4 days left appreciable traces

The standard route is classified as non-technical and the mountain can be climbed with an ice-axe + crampons only. So leave your ropes at home but be prepared, you are pushing into extreme altitude and severe weather conditions & desperate cold claim lives every year. Wikipedia states that “the average annual death toll on Elbrus is 15–30, primarily due to many unorganized and poorly equipped attempts to summit the mountain.”

Click on topographical map to enlarge  The view from space

Click (coming soon) to download the GPS placemarks for GoogleEarth.

Click here for: Elbrus Weather Forecast

Team Google: Dan (California), Zigeiner (Bavaria),
Ed (Slovakia) & Jan (Czech Republic)…
…successfully setting up the highest ever shooting of
Google StreetView imagery @ 5642m in -21°C

We decide to head for the South Face Route in a 9-day return trip from Dublin. Pilgrim Tours offers a Lite Package for independent climbers who prefer support only concerning invitation letters, climbing permits, visas and local transportation.

Day 1 & 2 Read the rest of this post »

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Ben Nevis (1344m) – Highest point of GB / Scotland

A packed weekend: Friday morning I fly into Edinburgh to check out its vibrant city and stunning Castle before heading into the Scottish Highlands. After a good four hour train/bus ride and short night @ the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel in Fort William I set off on my own to conquer Great Britain’s highest peak. As expected, the weather is cold and miserable and it takes me about six hours to scramble up “The Ledge Route” ascending Càrn Mòr Dearg & along the CMD Arête. I need two hours to descend the Normal Route. Early Sunday morning I take the bus to Glasgow from where I fly back to Dublin later in the afternoon.

 Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles  Zigeiner on the roof of Scotland
  • Click on the topographical map (left) to enlarge
  • Click here for the route description

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Finale Dahoam

I do not want to talk about it.

However, I’d like to share a few impressions of what should have been
Munich’s biggest party in history…

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