VW Jetta 2 – 1,8l – 1991

Buying a car in a “f*ck-i-hate-trains-f*ck-i-hate-walking-at-night-f*ck-i-NEED-a-car-NOW-mood” is a baaaaad idea! Last week Mr. Zigeiner got himself a car that he better should have thought about at least one more time…


Driving a car with over a hundred k’s an hour and then realising that the breaks don’t work probably provides a similar intense kick than bungee jumping without the cord! The mechanic also had to replace two wheel bearings. On my way home the engine went off randomly. Malfunction of fuel pump. Half way back to the garage a cooling water pipe burst. By now, I didn’t mind the dodgy tracking any more. I’d just like to know why the oil light comes on (accompanied by a shrill buzz) although the oil level is perfect?? During last couple of days I also learned how to put door handles back on, assamble outside mirrors, remove seats and the steering wheel…
Good – that I’ve got nothing else to do!!

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