The Mother City

Why is Cape Town called the “Mother-City” of South Africa??

Right!…. Cause everything takes 9 months until it gets done…

Life is slow, even (almost) too slow for a Zigeiner. So, my main achievements for this week were:

steve outside

Got hammered: my house-mate Steve (left) is preparing shots.

desk1 desk2
Built myself a cupboard & desk. Watching “ToolTime” for years wasn’t a waste of time, eh!?
*grunt grunt grunt*

Other than that we had a few nice days over last weekend with close to 30 °C but since Tuesday it hasn’t stopped raining cats & dogs. Looks like I need to spend more money and get myself a heater… It’s well below 15 °C and I’m sittin’ here in ma room with my jacket on!


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