Welcome to South Africa

Today I had my first little “welcome” to South Africa when walking back the 10 mins from the train station to my flat. Just had a kiff day bouldering at the CityRock in town, it was already dark, as I tried to find a short cut back home. Of course, I got lost and ended in a dead end road. When I turned around there was already some sort of South African security guy (at least his was wearing one of those bright yellow jackets) approaching from the distance asking me if everything was all right. As he came closer I discovered the knife in his hand and with only a split-second to think I practically shouted at him:

“Don’t even fu*ckin’ try! I am a German Soldier!!”

Didn’t stop walking and quickly passed him. Surprised by my reaction he stiffened and let me pass. It wasn’t surely a well-considered answer, but ha ha, it worked! *grunt-grunt-grunt*

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