Back to reality

Although this is my third longer stay in South Africa and I kinda (should) know what to expect down there…

I got pushed back into reality straight away: dodgy neighbourhoods, walls & fences, alarm systems and an internet connection which took me almost an hour to simply look at two emails. Didn’t expect the culture shock to hit me that hard again and realized that after years of livin’ online 24/7 the next months will b different. Which doesn’t necessarily mean 2 b negative though… life will only be (a lot) slower and especially updating this homepage or fulfilling my primary goal of writing my thesis might become a bit more of a mission.

But anyway, made my way to the Cape safe and sound. It’s 17° C, windy as always but dry and people have told me that summer has left about two days ago. War ja klar!

The next weeks I’m gonna live together with Manou (ex-flatmate from my last ZA visit & Deutsch-kickt! team-mate), Righard (Africaans), Greg and Steve (both South African) in a nice little “prison” about 15 to 20 car mins outside Cape Town city bowl. My room is a seriously f***** mattress on da floor, a few boxes and no furniture or desk. I love it!

office2 office

Well then, I think that’s it for today since I have no idea how much effort it’ll take to get those lines online. Zigeiner just wants to b home before it gets dark…

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