Back on the road again!

Goeie dag, servas, kia ora, hola, howz-it & sweet ass my dear friends!

Last couple of months have just passed way to fast and time to leave has finally come again:
In about 6 hours I’ll be sitting in a plane heading back to Cape Town, South Africa, where I’m going to spend another period of my life.

As most of u know, I just finished my 7th and last semester of my studies in “International Business Management” in the Bavarian forest (south-east Germany) and am now about to write my final Bachelor Thesis about “Rock Climbing Tourism in South Africa”. Or something like that…

How long am I going to stay? If I only knew this myself… 3 or 4 months… maybe longer…
I just know that a lot of rock climbing – yeeeeeha – needs to be done and that by the second half of 2007 the Himalaya will be calling.

Welcome to my new homepage !!!

You should see how proud I am on myself right now:
Setting up all this with such little understanding of computers! It was quite some work, took aaaaaaaaages & tonnes of patience and would surely not have been possible without the help of my little Chief-Master-Hacker brother Max.  Big *cheers* me bru!

On this site I’ll always try to extend contents and keep things up-to-date as much as possible, telling the latest stories or publishing new pics on a regular basis. But please rememba, I’m in Africa and getting connected might not always be that easy.

Ein paar Zeilen auf deutsch:


Sorry, ha ha, für das ganze Geschmarre auf Englisch, aber es soll auch einige unter uns/euch geben, welche der Reichssprache (noch) nicht mächtig sind .Und um meine literarisch höchst wertvollen Texte für die Mehrheit verständlich zu machen, werde bla bla bla ich die Inhalte dieser Seite in englischer Sprache halten. Es sei denn ich finde (was ich mir gerade irgendwie nicht so recht vorstellen kann) in Afrika die Motivation diese Seite multilingual zu gestalten.
Ausserdem kann a bisssal Englisch nie schaden;-) I’m sure u’ll find ya way around…

For all of you that are interested in past adventures and some kick-ass pictures I copied the content of my two old homepages (New Zealand 2005 & South Afirca 2006). Just search the archives in the left side-bar.

Please feel free to sign the guestbook. And if it was only a couple of words, it would make somebody far away really really really happy!

If u’re not sure if u remember that weird guy that sent u that invitation to this page check out “Zigeiner“.

Need to go now… and hopefully will talk to you soon…


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