Last week – last post – goodbye CT

Finally time has come and very sadly my last week is just about to drift past.
Sorry for not talking to you guys very much lately but work has been pretty hectic during last couple of months:

In December I went Great-White-Shark-Cage-Diving in Gansbaai (a few hours east of CT) and just in case you have never been in the same water with a swimming 4 meter jaw… do it! It is worth every single cent…

X-mas was hot and I took my hole flat out to the rocks to do some climbing.

The next early morning I had to leave for Namibia and spend 3 weeks working/grilling on the Orange River.

On New Year’s Day we had 54(!) degrees Celcius in the shade and a boiling desert rave in the middle of bum-fuck-nowhere.

Few days later “Flo-job” jumped on an Overland Truck working his way through Namibia and Botswana all the way into Zambia and the famous Victoria Falls. It has surely been one of the best trips of my life although spending such a long time and at the same time working hard on the river in this rough climate has brought me (very) close to my personal limits.

I could easily continue now writing whole books about the experiences but there’s still some other work to sort out before leaving this wonderful country.

Anyway, check out the pictures! They are well worth getting viewed!

*cheers* to everybody and it was a pleasure having u spend your time with me here on this site.

Hopefully talk to u soon…

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