Skiing in da Rocky Mountains

So here we ski: knee deep in famous Canadian “Champagne Powder”!!
And well, what can I say: It seriously “kicks the horse” and the whole experience of just getting up a mountain and then ski/board down in any possible way (grooms, trees, rocks,…) is sertainly a different world to what we call “skiing” in Europe!

A hell of a lot more expensive though… averaging about CA$ 80 (€ 55!!) for a full day´s lift-pass and another CA$ 50 for performance ski rentals.

Steiff-broffa and Zigeiner went to Kicking Horse (1) near Golden which was our favourite: a vertical gondola ascent of 1300m, with a 10km (“it´s a ten!”) run and good half an hour non-stop skiing to the base. That day we “champagne powdered” a total of 8400 m in hight at a temperature of -27,5 C (without the wind-chill!). This is cold.

Further we skied in Lake Louise (2), Sunshine Village (3) near Banff and Fernie (4).

Steiff-broffa, Natalie & Zigeiner preparing for a night in the van (-15 Celcius) @ famous “Fernie”.
In about 5 hours from now they wanna get up and go skiing…

Very very very sadly we didn´t get to do any ice climbing though. One day it was too warm, the next too cold and without a car you are screwed in Canada anyway…


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