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Adventure Tourism in Southern Africa:
Development, Strategies and Opportunities for an Increasing Market

The work is done. Finished & published!
And you guys out there have noooo idea how seriously cool it is to hold his first own,
very own book in hands!!


ISBN-13: 978-3639103045

Product Description:
According to the increase in adventure sports tourism world-wide, this book focuses on the development of rock climbing tourism in South Africa. Whereas most western or industrialised countries are already explored and more or less perfectly utilised by the tourism industry, there are still very attractive regions especially on the African continent, where chances for a successful adventure sports business placement seem to be obvious, but are not yet realised. The author analyses the actual market situation and as a result creates suitable marketing strategies and ascertain opportunities for future investments. Hereby he enters a terrain that has hardly been touched so far and together with an additional micro-study with a subsequently arising tourist profile his work will set the base for future investment discussions in this sector. By also implementing a fictional business plan, the book does not only suggest an effective starting point for business operators, but also supports the reader with the necessary assessment of strengths, weaknesses and risks for speculating on the South African climbing tourism market.

About the Author:
Born 1982 in Memmingen, Germany. B.B.A. in International Management at University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf, Germany (2007). Worked in Southern Africa as Adventure Tour Guide & Project Manager for Umkulu Adventures in (2005) and as Project Manager for “Deutsch-Kickt!” in (2006). Travelled and climbed in over 50 countries worldwide.

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