Canadian Immigration

ABO = Canadian Airport Border Official
Z = Zigeiner


ABO Hello Sir. How long would you like to stay in Canada?
Z G’day Sir. I’d like to have a 60 day visa, please.
ABO And what is the purpose of your visit?
Z I want to go skiing and climbing in the Rockies.
ABO For 60 days?
Z Yes.
ABO Did you bring ski with you?
Z No.
ABO And boots? 
Z No.
ABO How do you want to ski then?
Z I rent them.
ABO Where?
Z In the Rocky Mountains.
ABO Where in the Rocky Mountains?
Z In Banff.
ABO Where in Banff?
Z I don’t know.
ABO Name any Canadian ski resort please!
Z … sorry, can’t remember.
ABO When did you plan to come to Canada?
Z About 2 weeks ago.
ABO Where did you buy your ticket?
Z My friend bought it. 
ABO When is your flight back home?
Z I have none. I came one way.
ABO You came one way?! How did you pay for your ticket?
Z I haven’t yet. It was a standby ticket organised by a Mexican friend of my friend.
ABO ?? Aha… and why?
Z It’s cheaper.
ABO How much was the ticket?
Z I don’t know.
ABO Where are you staying in Calgary?
Z We get picked up by a friend.
ABO What’s his/her name?
Z I don’t know. It’s a friend of my friend.
ABO How much money do you have with you?
Z 50 Euros and about 50 $US in cash.
ABO That’s all the money you have?
Z No, I have more money on my credit card.
ABO Can you proove it?
Z No.
ABO What do you do for living in Germany?
Z I’m a student.
ABO And why are you not at university right now?
Z Because I finished my degree last year.
ABO What do you do when you get back to Germany?
Z I’m not going back, I fly to Ecuador.
ABO What are you going to do in Ecuador?
Z I wanna live in South America for a couple of years.
ABO You have been to Argentina before. What did you do there?
Z Eating steaks.
ABO So you’re telling me you came to Canada with a one way ticket and 50 bucks.
You want to go skiing for 2 months without equipment at places you don’t know with people you don’t know?!
Z Yes, please.
ABO Enjoy your stay in Canada, Sir.
Z Thank you!

February 27, 2009 – 21:15 o’clock  - minus 20 degrees Celcius - I am in Canada!!

The country where 2 single bell peppers cost more than a BigMac Meal…


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