Mt. Everest “closed” – what now?

I simply haven’t had the time yet to reflect and write about what (really) happened this 2014 season on Everest. This post is preliminary and will be replaced with my own story  in the near future.

Meanwhile if you want to know more about the tragedy of April 18th and why the mountain was abandoned please have a read through this in selection of articles. In my opinion Alan sums it up pretty damn well:

Alan Arnette: Everest 2014: Season Summary – A Nepal Tragedy

National Geographic: Measuring Everest’s Monster Avalanche

Outside: Black Year: Everest’s Deadliest Season

Jemima Diki Sherpa: Three Springs

National Geographic: Post-Avalanche Everest Ascent Sparked Outrage

Alan Arnette: Everest 2015: The Reality of Everest

Alan Arnette: The Cost to Climb Everest

Alan Arnette: The cod science of Everest hate

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