Rysy (2503m) – Highest peak of Poland (1/2)

Rysy is a mountain in the crest of the High Tatras, lying on the border between Poland and Slovakia. Its middle peak at 2,503 meters is the highest point of Poland. The other two peaks (at 2,499m & 2,473m) are on the Slovak side of the border, in the Prešov Region.

Together with Maja & Monika – two Googlers from the Wroclaw office – I roadtrip across half the country only to…

To the lake it’s a 10 km hike End of climb @ around 2300m

…get sooooo close to Poland’s highest peak – but without crampons it is impossible to continue.
A couple of days ago it snowed so much that I am now stuck in fresh snow up to my balls.
In September… WTF!! (Update: Successful Summit in 2014)


 Click here for a map and a route calculator for the Tatry area.

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