Pico de Orizaba (5686m) – Highest Point of Mexico


The X indicates Piedra Grande - the base camp @ about 4200m
Steiff & Zigeiner in backpacker uniform 
@ Tlachichuca infront of Citlatépetl
On the roof of Mexico!
Thanks broffa for sharing this moment with me:)

Wikipedia states the following:

“The Pico de Orizaba, or Citlaltépetl is the highest mountain in Mexico and the 3rd highest in all of North America. Rated as extreme altitude it rises 5,686 meters above sea level and is in fact the highest peak between Columbia and the Yukon. The Pico de Orizaba is ranked 7th in the world in topographic prominence. It is the second most prominent volcanic peak in the world after Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.”

How to get there:

From Mexico City (2300m) take a 2 hour bus ride to Puebla (2130m) and then another bus for roughly 2 & a half hours to Tlachichuca (2620m). From there it is approx. 2 more hours with a 4-wheel drive up to Piedra Grande.

Joaquin Canchola Limon
3 Poniente No.3
C.P. 75050
Puebla, Mexico
Tel: (01 245) 4515082
eM@il: cancholashouse@yahoo.com.mx

The view from the roof of our
Accommodation-Farm-Hotel in Tlachichuca

Joaquin, his family and the whole place & atmoshpere are legendary and I highly recommend his services to anyone thinking about climbing Orizaba!!!

Prices in March 2008 were as follows:

  • Accommodation per person per night: 120 $MXN
  • Guide for 2 days per person : 2000 $MXN
  • Meal per person: 60-80 $MXN
  • Transport (return) to “Piedra Grande” (@ 4200m, ca. 2h one way): 1300 $MXN
  • There are also crampons, ice axes, ropes, gloves, sunglasses and more for hire
The Lonely Planet only states “Los Reyes” as form of contact and accommodation in Tlachichuca. So (of course, the bible said so:-) we first checked out this place… but Señor Reyes´ arrogance and disrespect made us look for something else. It would hurt us a lot if anyone of us climbers out there supported Sr. Reyes’ condescending attitude towards budget travellersThanks a million for your cooperation!
Just the ride would have been worth the trip:)  2.5 hours later we arrived @ Piedra Grande
  Our berth – temperature @ nite dropped 
to around freezing point inside the hut
 ”Climb high – sleep low!”
Acclimatisation hike the next day

At 1:00 am sharp in the morning of day 3 we left the base camp for our summit attempt. After good 4 hours we reached the glacier and temperature was around -10 °C. By now all our water supplies were frozen and dehydration + the high altitude started to kick in. At 8:12 am Zigeiner, a well shattered Steiff and our guide Guadalupe stepped on top of the roof of Mexico!

2 other climbers left base camp an hour before us. We later summited first.
*grunt grunt grunt*

Amazing views:
The mountain`s shade in the mist.
The other rope team is hiking up the crater`s rim
to the highest point.
 @ 1pm – after 12(!) hours – we were back at base camp, @ 7 pm ready for bed in Tlachichuca.

Check out the pics’ subtitles for more info:

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