Support “Mt. Zigeiner” @ the Mammut Peak Project

150 teams will embark upon the biggest peak project in history and scale 150 mountains:


To help Zigeiner make a dream come true… PLEASE vote until March 2011!

I signed up as team leader for an expedition to Mount Vinson, the highest point of the Antarctic continent. If you are interested in joining my team (2-6 members) get in contact with me.

But everyone can support my/our candidature by simply registering (they won’t send u crap, it’s just to prevent cheating – use your spam address if you like) at the MAMMUT BASECAMP. Then search & click “Mt. Zigeiner”. The more supporters upload a picture the higher my mountain will grow. The owners of the highest virtual peaks will then get a chance to participate in the peak project.

It’s only a few clicks!

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