El tanque alemán esta avanzando!!

Vamos vamos Argentina! Vamos a ganar!

eltanque00 If it was about fans… but (luckily or sadly) it is… NOT!

WOW – What a massacre!
El tanque alemán” executed Argentina’s pride and pulled them back to reality.

I don’t really know what to write. I almost feel pity for Argentina. But to be honest, I am kinda happy that somebody finally shut them up! It was enough, too much. Sick! Argentina’s one-way football fanaticism is beyond words.

eltanque01 eltanque02
Diego, the ballboy’s name is “Mueller”! Null zu Vier – Zero to Four – Cero a Cuatro!

Never have I witnessed something like this before! After their elimination from the 2010 football world cup Argentineans are even too paralyzed to hunt him down: the enemy – me – the German.

eltanque03 I am a massive football fan myself and I really enjoy debating about every player’s bowel movements – even a couple of hours every day isn’t a problem.

But, queridos Argentinos, in the past 6 weeks I have not had a single conversation not about El Dios Maradona, Jesus Messi, La Selección Divina or a combination of them.

Nevertheless I had a f*ckinfantastic time watching, celebrating & crying together with my friends from all around the globe. I am glad that I got the opportunity to experience a football world cup the South American way. See you all in Brazil 2014!!

eltanque04 eltanque05
Good & dangerous times celebrating the upcoming clash between Argentina & Germany

Argentineans in Córdoba are going crazy after the football world cup victory over Mexico -
- but “el tanque alemán esta avanzando”!!!
In the end I got told by the police to go home because they (and I!) were afraid to get stabbed…

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