Adiós querido Argentina – I will be back!!

I am tired, very tired from traveling. Even too tired to write about it.

So I made the decision to go back home to the Royal Kingdom of Bavaria… tomorrow!

It’s been a long time: about 2 years & 9 months. I have traveled all across the American continents, overland, from Canada to Patagonia and climbed their highest peaks.

I am looking forward to see my family, drink good/real beer, eat loads of white sausages & hunt “sheep-heads” with the boys!

I will again understand all the people around me… weird… and I will be able to say all the things the way I want to express them…

I am happy & relieved, but also sad & scared.

Am I ready to go? I don’t know… Let the next part of my life begin!

See you around – el Tanque Alemán


My last night @ the famous “Residencia” en Córdoba

Argentina, I will miss you! Thank you (all) for the best time of my life!!

P.S.: U can reach me again on my (old) German mobile number: +49 (0)163 6452933

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  1. Hector - July 23, 2010

    el tanqueee aleman esta avanzando