Cerro Tres Kandú (842m) – Highest point of Paraguay

With a whopping altitude of 842 meters Cerro Tres Kandú or Cerro Peró
is the highest point of Paraguay!


It is located in the municipality of General Eugenio Garay, Guairá Department, and is part of the “Ybytyruzú” mountain range.

The difficulty is not to climb it, the problem is to find it.
It took us (Ben, an English climber I met months earlier in Peru, and me) a couple of days, a few fruitless bus rides across the department and a lot more contradictory advises from the local population until we could finally start the 3 hour hike from the base to the top of Cerro Tres Kandú:

Zigeiner & Ben celebrating proudly on the roof of Paraguay!

How to get there:

Go to Villarrica, a small city situated half way between the country’s capital Asunción and Ciudad del Este.
From there people will send you to the 25 km distant Colonia Independencia, a lovely German postwar settlement with beautiful hikes and the 60 meter waterfall Salto Suizo nearby… only to find out that the summit of Tres Kandú can only be reached from the other side…


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So, back in Villarrica take another bus south-east to Garay (see map) which only consists of a few houses next to the road and find the “Lavadero”, a kind of car-wash-garage.
There we encountered a bunch of really sweet & helpful 17-year olds and after we refueled their mopeds they gave us a ride across the fields to the about 10 km farther base of the mountain. They also helped translating our Spanish into Guaraní, the native language in Paraguay, when we asked a local farmer to show us the way up the mountain. For a hand-full of dollars tips the farmer’s son then guided us through the brush-wood up the hill.

How to get back to Villarrica:

“Just wait next to the road, the bus will come… now… or maybe later…”.

ctk01 ctk02
A local kid is giving me a ride on his bike Enjoying the view from the roof of Paraguay
ctk031 ctk04

Ben taking pictures of impressive spiders during the hike through the forest

It was a lot of fun and a true Paraguayan experience!

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3 Responses

  1. Antony Iden - September 26, 2016

    Thanks for your report, Somebody from Paraguay told me, this mountain is a strange.
    If you could camp in the place, you do not perceive anything.
    Thanks again, from Richmond VA

  2. Jari Arkko - April 19, 2016

    Thanks for the story and report of this mountain. I was intrigued by such a place in this otherwise pretty flat country, and also visited there. Also skied the top (on ice that I brought myself): http://planetskier.blogspot.com/2016/04/paraguay-on-miniskis.html

  3. Yannick - April 11, 2010

    Hey Guys,

    Still travelling together? I was about to meet lester in Schotland to do some mountaineering in his backyard, but a damn skiaccident fucked up my knee…

    Know everything is better and I just returned from a 2 week skitrip to the Lofoten islands in Norway where we skied some sick couloirs (see http://www.mountcoach.com for pics).

    Enjoy! and til…

    Yannick (Peru – Huaraz…)