Sótano de las Golondrinas

What a mission! But f*ck yeah – we made it!!

Zigeiner & Steiff-Brotha rappelled and jumared the Cave of Swallows! For the full story and more detailed info click through the pictures at the bottom of this post.


Sótano de las Golondrinas


Cave of Swallows

512m depth total
(which makes it a 12 sec. free fall!)
376m depth abseil
60m diametro top
134m diametro bottom
2nd deepest pit in Mexico
11th deepest in the world
discovered 1967

How to get there:

San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
The closest city is Ciudad Valles. From there it`s a 2 hour bus ride to a little village called Aquismon and another 12km (1 hour) 4×4 drive up a dirt road to the Sótano.

And YES, they do have a 500m static rope up there that can be hired at around MXN 1500-2000 (bargain hard!) per person for the day; including guide & all necessary equipment (harnesses, biners, slings & jumaring gear). Gear is in good/trustworthy condition.

Contact details:

Union de GuadaLuPe
Comite Maxicimino y Maria Olanda Santiago
Tel.: 01 4811614225 if it doesn`t work try: 01 4811014225
If u plan on rappeling, Maxicimino is the person to speak to! He makes sure that the indigenous community living in the area gets its share.

Our guides:

Bonifacio y Teno
Tel.: 01 481168124

Thousands & thousands of swallows leaving (just after sunrise) and returning (just before sunset) into the hole every day at the same times. The spectacle goes on for about 45 mins and apparently they “shoot” down da hole with about 120kms per hour!!


75kg (!!)

of static rope



We bloody made it!!!

Zigeiner & Steiff-Brotha at the bottom of the
Sótano de las Golondrinas

According to the “bottom-book” not more than 5 dozen people have ever been down there.

Sooo… we had to get up again…

376m & about 1200 full body
pull-ups in 75mins!!

Forget bungee, forget skydive…
This is the true mind-f*ck!


This was the only time people have B.A.S.E. jumped the cave.

Due to environmental issues and potential damage to the birds’ nests it is no longer permitted.

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