Death Road biking


The North Yungas Road (also known as the Road of Death, Death Road or El Camino de la Muerte ) is an about 65km long road leading northeast from La Paz to Coroico.

It is legendary for its extreme danger and it is estimated that every year about 200-300 travelers get killed in their cars or buses along the road.

The single lane dirt road includes crosses marking many of the spots where vehicles have dropped up to 600 meters and since it was opened for commercial mountain biking 15 years ago 37 tourists and 3 Bolivian guides have fallen to death. This year 2 people have died so far…

The 68 km long mountain bike ride descends from 4700m to about 1250 in just 4 hours.
With maximum speeds of up to 70-80 kms per hour…

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It’s a hell of an experience!

There is the crazy number of 25 companies offering the death road biking trip in La Paz, but only a handful offer the adequate gear and sufficiently qualified guides to provide a safe ride.

I can highly recommend “Vertigo Biking“: Cheaper than its main competitor (“Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking“) but better protection gear (including full faced cross helmet & knee + elbow protectors), excellent bikes and equipment checks along the road.


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