Huayna Potosí (6088m)

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Huayna Potosí, located a two hours drive north of La Paz, was the easiest 6000er I’ve ever climbed: short, quick, non-technical and a good acclimatisation “hike” for the big one (Sajama 6542m:-). I really enjoyed the diversity, especially the little mixed scramble near the summit. Wil (AUS), Elias (USA) – two other backpackers I met a few days earlier in my hostal – and I climbed in 2 days / 1 night via the Normal Ascent Route (PD).

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My altimeter stats:

Date Time Altitude (Meters) Place Notes
14.10.2009 09:15am 3650 La Paz Departure office “Huayna Potosi”
14.10.2009 11:35am 4715 Lower refuge
14.10.2009 13:05pm 4715 Lower refuge
14.10.2009 15:55pm 5270 Upper refuge
15.10.2009 01:47am 5270 Upper refuge
Start climbing Huayna Potosi
15.10.2009 05:10am 6088 Summit Huayna Potosi
15.10.2009 05:58am 6088 Summit Huayna Potosi Departure
15.10.2009 07:15am 5270 Upper refuge
Short rest
15.10.2009 08:38am 5270 Upper refuge Departure
15.10.2009 09:56am 4715 Lower refuge Lunch

YouTube: Meltdown – Bolivia
(A short and shocking documentary about Bolivia’s melting glaciers)

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