El Misti (5822m) & Nevado Chachani (6089m)

El Misti


Climbing El Misti (5822m) is non-technical and straight forward.
No ropes or crampons are needed & if you are acclimatised and able to follow a well beaten trail, it can easily be done without a guide.

The only problem is to get to the base of the mountain. And unless you are at least 3 or 4 people, organizing private 4×4 transport will end up being more expensive than just joining a guided 2-day tour which is offered in dozens of agencies in town.
For U$ 60 per person you get an overnight trip including a guide, tent, all gear, food and transport.

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“Jo” (a Swiss brotha I met in my hostal in Arequipa) & Zigeiner on the summit
looking into the crater of El Misti!

My altimeter stats:

Date Time Altitude (Meters) Place Notes
20.09.2009 08:30am 2300 Arequipa
Departure Hostal “The Point”
20.09.2009 10:00am 3415
Base of El Misti
Departure trailhead
20.09.2009 16:41pm 4480
Overnight camp
Arrival at the lower camp
21.09.2009 02:40am 4480
Overnight camp
Start climbing
21.09.2009 07:52am 5822
Summit El Misti
21.09.2009 08:37am 5822 Summit El Misti Departure
21.09.2009 09:23am 4480 Overnight camp Packing up tents
21.09.2009 10:54am 3415 Base of El Misti Back at trailhead
21.09.2009 11:47am 2300 Arequipa Hostal “The Point”


After 2 days rest in Arequipa,  Jo and I left to climb Chachani (6089m):


People usually climb this mountain in 2 days, we missioned it in some looong 17 hours from Arequipa to the summit and back to the hostel.
Be sure to be acclimatised! A difference in altitude of 3800m in just a few hours is a huge step for the human body. Ascending too fast can cause serious altitude sickness if not worse, result in HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema) or HACE (high altitude cerebral edema).


Jo on the summit of ChachaniEl Misti is visible in the distance (right)

Due to darkness and a poor route description we first climbed half way up Angel before the rising sun showed us the right way. At this point we already spent 10 hours on the road before we actually reached the point where “normal” people leave for their nightly 7 hour summit attempt. ..


Be careful: Don’t follow the zigzag path out of base camp to the right – instead go all the way through to the end of the camp and climb straight ahead over the boulders until you hit the path leading up to the col.  Then traverse BEHIND Angel & Fatima until you reach the steep final ascent to the summit of Chachani.


What a mission!  – Yes we made it!

The climb is also not technical but depending on the season and conditions, crampons and a long ice axe might be needed.
The 4×4 return transport (roughly 2.5-3 hours one way) cost us U$ 120.

My altimeter stats:

Date Time Altitude (Meters) Place Notes
25.09.2009 00:25am 2300 Arequipa Departure Hostal “The Point”
25.09.2009 02:35am 5015 Base of Chachani
Departure trailhead
25.09.2009 04:01am 5330 Base Camp
25.09.2009 05:55am 5580 Angel
Realised we just climbed the wrong mountain…
25.09.2009 06:38am 5330 Base Camp
Start climbing Chachani
25.09.2009 11:37am 6089 Summit Chachani
25.09.2009 12:32pm 6089 Summit Chachani Departure
25.09.2009 15:01pm 5330 Base Camp
Short rest
25.09.2009 15:18pm 5015 Base of Chachani Finish climbing
25.09.2009 17:10pm 2300 Arequipa Hostal “The Point”

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