Powerful San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro – the sacred cactus and visionary teacher plant of the South Americas:

sanp4 It is a mescaline containing columnar cactus native to the Andes mountains between 2000–3000m in altitude, also known as Echinopsis Pachanoi, syn. Trichocereus Pachanoi.

The San Pedro plant (like Ayahuasca and the famous Peyote cactus in Mexico) is one of the strongest hallucinogetic plants known to mankind and has been used in traditional medicine, for healing and religious divination in Peru for over 3000 years. They say, it can help us to let go of “the illusions of the world”. San Pedro contains a sort of „voice-within-nature“ that reveals the beauty and power pulsating through the universe.

To extract the mescaline the cactus skin gets boiled for about 5-20 hours and is ingested to invoke a spiritual healing state. Typically it was eaten as a right of passage ritual, where young men would venture into the forest to meet their spirit animal.

The drink usually produces drowsiness or a dreamy state and a feeling of lethargy – a slight dizziness – then a great ‘vision’. Most people feel the need to vomit but this is more associated with a state of “cleaning” body & soul. Further it provokes a light numbness in the body and afterward a tranquillity. And then comes detachment, a type of visual force… inclusive of all the senses… including the sixth sense, the telepathic sense of transmitting oneself across time and matter… like a kind of removal of one’s thought to a distant dimension.
Effects include intense visual hallucinations combined with a general feeling of oneness & harmony with the universe and can last up to 12 hours or the entire day.

The potency of San Pedro, as well as different people’s tolerance to it, seems to vary widely. Every person´s experience is unique and the journey strongly depends on the actual state of being and will most likely be completely different every time.

sanp5 sanp6

Last Saturday I went up a hill overlooking Cusco to see “Lesley”, a shaman from South Africa I got recommended several times along my way, to drink the San Pedro cactus.

sanp1 sanp2 sanp3

I felt ready and was prepared: questions about life and my future in my head, no meat, no sugar, no salt, no processed food, no alkohol, no smoking, no drugs and no sex… for the past 36 hours!

The following journey was the strongest, most intense and powerfull thing I´ve done in my life. It was beyond everything I´ve possibly imagined and the experience definitely did change my life. It´s not a drug, it´s a medecine. I learnt to understand the difference.

Hard, ya impossible to describe but it went so deep, so incredibly deep inside me – from so many different perspectives… and I wasn´t looking for it, it just caught me. I asked the wrong questions but got right answers, answers I didn´t expect. I didn´t know I needed healing.

sanp10 sanp7

I cried so hard, so purely I haven´t since I was very young: 20 years of repressed tears.
It felt so good… can´t remember when I last felt so free, so relieved… such inner peace!


And as weird as it sounds and I have troubles believing it myself, but through Lesley´s dog I met “Sunny” (my own dog which died 2 years ago while I was travelling) in the afterlife or subconcious or however you wanna call it.

I could finally say goodbye to her:-)

I strongly recommend taking San Pedro only WITH the guidance of a shaman! The shaman is not the teacher, San Pedro is – but the right environment is the key to your journey.

Thanks Lesley for this great experience of my life!!

“Each person’s experience will be unique, as we are all unique, and drinking San Pedro is therefore a personal journey of discovery, of the self and the universe. There is one thing in common though:
The day that you meet San Pedro is one you will never forget – a day filled with light and love, which can change your life forever… and always for the better.”

- Lesley Myburgh -

Crn. Tandapata & P´asñapacana N° 148
San Blas – Cusco – Perú




An interesting interview with Lesley can be read:

P.S.: Steiff, I have to talk to you…

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