Huascarán (6768m)

For almost 2 months have I been in Huaraz now, looking at the beast @ my doortstep. From my breakfast spot on the hostal balcony I watch it every morning burst through the clouds:


Huascarán (6768m)! – the countries highest peak – so huge that it creates its own climate!

Climbing Huascarán has been top priority on my to-do-list for Peru. 6 or 7 days if you´re fit and acclimatised but the toughest challenge was to find an expedition I could join for the climb.
I was long ready.

Then, after weeks of desperate searching & waiting
- the food was bought, the gear rented
and the donkeys arranged -
an avalanche kills a local guide and his Japanese client near the summit the afternoon prior to our departure and my whole team bails out, catapulting my efforts & hopes into nirvana.
I´m devastated! Fed up!   Daniel & Dane like lizards soaking up the morning sun on the “breakfast balcony”

Sad & sick… so sick of waiting, so sick of sitting around!
I´m frustrated, disappointed, dissatisfied… paralysed.

I need to get out of here!



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