Rock Climbing @ “Hatun Machay”

You won´t believe it: A place so beautiful – a place so perfect!

God must be a rock climber.

Only discovered 4 years ago, it´s already Peru´s largest rock climbing site with an extensive variety of all levels sport routes from beginners to the truly hard core:-)
Hatun Machay
is a boulders dream with enough problems to last (at least) one lifetime.


The archeological complex of Hatun Machay and the rock forest is located near the Farmer Community of Pampas Chico, province of Recuay, at 4290 m.a.s.l. about 70km (2 hours) south of Huaraz.

hatunm2 hatunm3

The refuge offers beds (dormitory up to 50 people for 20 Soles/night), camping, kitchen facilities, bathrooms but no showers and no electricity.
And other than a handfull dirty climbers, a few dogs, ducks and chicken you won´t come across more civilisation.

hatunm4 hatunm5

How to get there:
From Huaraz take a kombi / shared taxi to Catac (3-5 Soles) and from there hire a taxi to the refuge of Hatun Machay (40-50 Soles) each way. Aslo see my attached google map.

hatunm7 hatunm6
Zigeiner red-pointing “Flapper” 5.10.d Zigeiner leading “Welcome to Huaraz” 5.11.a

The following table is for my own personal record – I´m gonna climb ´em all!!

Sector No. Route Name Grade Status
El Pinche 3 Sharon Sister 5.10.c onsight
El Pinche 4 Sagi & Cny. are better than 12 girls 5.10.c onsight
El Pinche 6 Grande y Gorda 5.11.a project
La Tapia 3 Fancy a good route 5.10.d red point
La Tapia 4 Stran Peedo 5.10b onsight
La Tapia 5 Twinkle Toes 5.10.c onsight
La Placa Verde 1 Sanchez no te Enganchez 5.10b onsight
La Placa Verde 2 Touching the Bols 5.9 onsight
La Placa Verde 3 Chueco Corrupto 5.10.b onsight
La Placa Verde 4 Melissa 5.10.a onsight
La Placa Verde 5 Chucru Rani 5.10.c onsight
La Placa Verde 7 Tyahoid [favourite] 5.11.a flash
La Placa Verde 9 Chusqui Manco 5.10.d onsight
La Fisura 3 Fucking Israelis 5.11.a lead
La Fisura 4 La Negra Luly 5.10.d lead
La Fisura 6 Welcome to Huaraz [favourite] 5.11.a lead
Las Pequeñas 1 Colmillo Africano 5.11.a onsight
La Cueva 1 Putas Chicas 5.10a onsight
La Cueva 2 Pincitas [f*ckin` hard] 5.10.c lead
La Cueva 6 Flapper [favourite] 5.10.d red point
La Cueva 8 Sidane [hard as hell] 5.10.d lead
La Cueva 11 Palito con Vaselina [not with my knees] 5.10.b !?
La Cueva 12 10 Cocos 5.10.b flash
Picaflor 1 Picaflor 5.10.a onsight
Picaflor 4 Mujeres… 5.10.d lead
Erotico 1 Mi Palo de Mexico [dreckiger Scheiss] 5.10b lead
Erotico 2 Todo con la Mano [dreckiger Scheiss] 5.10b lead
La Muralla 1 Iros todos a tomar x culo [abgebroeckelt] 5.10d onsight
La Muralla 2 El trio es bueeno!!! 5.10a onsight
La Muralla 3 Luzzmila need Poronga 5.10a onsight
La Muralla 4 El Sorbete Pee 5.10b onsight
La Muralla 7 Pitufo Gruñon 5.10b lead
La Muralla 8 Guachita Acuática 5.10b lead

To see more crackin´ pics:

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