Off to Mexico!

I´ll be flying to Mexico City and then head straight on to Steiff-Master-Brotha in Colima.

But what am I going to do there? Well… to learn some Spanish, to experience Central and South American culture (drugs, sex & salsa:-) and to check out the climbing. I’ve heard rumours about some kick ass rock hanging out there.

After New Year’s I will be heading down south via Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, maybe Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, up & down the Argentinian & Chilean Andes all the way to Patagonia. In another 4-6 or 8 months… or so… Ha ha, as always…I basically have no plans. The road will show me the way…

I won’t write a journal this time since I’m not taking a computer with me and time is just too precious as to “waste” it by hanging out in internet places where uploading wouldn’t work anyway. And if drugs & girls let at least a few of my brain cells survive I’m looking forward to telling you aaaaall the details!

BUT: I’ll try to update at least a few pictures once in a while.

Feel free to cantact me at any time and if u’re around, god knows, we might bump into each other!

Please please please sign the guestbook. It’s the only way of having you guys with me.
And it’d make somebody far far away very very happy:-)

~ ~ ~ c u around ~ ~ ~

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