Galápagos Islands

2 weeks Galapagos – a trip of a lifetime!

For 26 years I have been dreaming:

nina “Nina”

the latest & most luxurious
catamaran cruising the Galapagos

16 passengers – 11 staff

price per person for 8 days:
5300 U$!!

So… how did I end up on this boat?
Through a last-last-very-last-minute deal the night before departure. I jumped the last single-cabin paying so extortionately little that even a Zigeiner could afford it.
He he… just don´t tell the other passengers:-)

+ air ticket return (off season) Quito-Galapagos-Quito: 360 U$
+ Galapagos National Park Entry Fee: 110 U$


I was incredibly lucky with the crowd on the cruise: an older couple and the average being in the mid thirties. A great mix. We´ve come across other boats loaded with about two dozen dinosaurs with the youngest born a good 70 years ago. Just imagine…

The food was the best I have eaten in months, my bed got made 3 (!?) times a day and it was soooo nice not having to share one single saltwater shower with 20 other people!

Other than that, we got up 6:15 am every moring – sharp! To do what?

  • race against dolphins
  • swim with sea turtles
  • chase albatrosses of cliffs
  • try to roll giant 300kg tortoises on their backs
  • but the coolest thing ever is to snorkel & play
    with sea lions and penguins!

The most useless utensils are binoculars. Since animals on Galapagos don´t have natural predators they have never had a reason to be scared or to run away from something. If you´re not careful you would even step on birds!

galap31 And although having been part of an organized tour, for a change, I quite enjoyed having a babysitter telling me where to go, what to do & when to eat:-)
This wasn´t travelling, it was holiday.
The most luxurious and relaxing of my life…

galap0 galap1 galap2

After the cruise I extended my stay for another week to check out the villages/puertos (Moreno, Ayora y Villamil), to chat to locals, hike up Volcán Sierra Negra (1200m) which has the worlds biggest crater (10km in diameter) and to go diving at world famous “Rocas Gordon”.
And yeah broffas:
I dived with Hammerhead-Sharks & Manta-Rays as big as airplanes!

Enjoy my best 200 pics:

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  1. Michael Langlotz - May 10, 2009

    Servus Flo,

    beeindruckend wo du dich ĂĽberall herumtreibst.
    Pass auf dich auf – “verfolge” dich ab und zu im netz …

    GrĂĽĂźe und Ciao Michi + Inge