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Cerro Tres Kandú (842m) – Highest point of Paraguay

With a whopping altitude of 842 meters Cerro Tres Kandú or Cerro Peró is the highest point of Paraguay! It is located in the municipality of General Eugenio Garay, Guairá Department, and is part of the “Ybytyruzú” mountain range. The difficulty is not to climb it, the problem is to find it. It took us [...]

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Iguazu Falls

275 falls – 2.7 kilometers long – 82 meters high  – average annual flow rate of 1746 m³/s Brazilian side Argentinian side ITAIPU dam – the largest operational hydroelectric power plant in the world

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Brazil – Summary

Will there be a life without Açaí ever again?! The view over Rio de Janeiro from Niterói Maracanã – the world’s biggest football stadium Ilha Grande Trindade Reggae concert with “Groundation”… …in São Paulo To see all pictures click here:

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Rock climbing in Rio de Janeiro

Since Huaraz (Peru), after exactly 7 months and 19 days, I am back on ROCK! Bouldering along the Pista Claudio Coutinho at the foot of famous Pão de Açúcar (“Sugar Loaf Mountain”) And some easy “warm up” climbing: 46 °C during the hottest days Rio had seen in over 50 years… @ Opposite Urca – [...]

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Carnaval en Rrrrrio de Janeiro

Well, I guess… Since I have passed my final exam (Aconcagua)… It is time for some serious PARTY! More pics? Click here:

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At Montevideo airport passengers are only allowed up to 8 hours in the transit area and since my stopover was 8 hours and 25 minutes they made me leave the airport for half an hour. When I wanted to re-enter I had to pay the full 32 U$ airport tax! So, why not go and [...]

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Aconcagua (6962m) – Summit of the Americas

Cerro Aconcagua is the highest mountain of Argentina and the South American continent, highest peak of the Andes mountain range, highest summit of all the Americas & the world´s highest point outside the Himalaya! Its atmospheric pressure = 60 mm of mercury which equals 37% oxygen proportion of sea level. 2nd February 2010, 14:32 o’clock: [...]

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Ojos del Salado (6896m) – Highest point of Chile

Ojos del Salado is the highest peak in Chile and the same time the highest volcano in the world. It is also the 2nd highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, only 60 meters short of famous Aconcagua. During last week I have reached beyond a level of exhaustion I thought would exist: Together with Simon [...]

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I am currently in Córdoba, Argentina eating a lot of beautiful cows and trying to make plans for climbing Aconcagua & Ojos del Salado. In the meantime I will get my “guns” back into shape at the local crags in and around town… Aconcagua (6962m) – the world’s highest peak outside the Himalaya Advise and [...]

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Ojos del Saldo (6896m) Act I

To be continued… “What! You wanna leave tomorrow?! And you are alone? People organize this kind of expedition at least 6 months in advance!!!’ Ojos del Salado is not only Chile’s highest peak, the highest volcano in the world, the second highest mountain in all the Americas and a serious 8-12 day climb to almost [...]

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