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Canada – Summary

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Skiing in da Rocky Mountains

So here we ski: knee deep in famous Canadian “Champagne Powder”!! And well, what can I say: It seriously “kicks the horse” and the whole experience of just getting up a mountain and then ski/board down in any possible way (grooms, trees, rocks,…) is sertainly a different world to what we call “skiing” in Europe! [...]

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Rockyng Mountains

3 dudes & dreadlocks. A car with guitar & snowboard in the boot. Bavarian folk music & a doobie. An apple & beef-jerky for the day. Wild hotsprings, -17 Celcius & the windows open, with thermal undies & a tent… .

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Bucket Shower

It may be of minor importance to you out there, but due to my current cleanliness and consequential state of well-being, I feel like telling it to the world: I just had my first (bucket) shower in a week:-) .

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Steiff’s rockin’ Calgary

Steiff playing “Mary Jane” with The Guilded Lilies @ “Mikey’s” in Calgary .

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Canadian Immigration

ABO = Canadian Airport Border Official Z = Zigeiner  —————————————————– ABO Hello Sir. How long would you like to stay in Canada? Z G’day Sir. I’d like to have a 60 day visa, please.     ABO And what is the purpose of your visit? Z I want to go skiing and climbing in the Rockies.     [...]

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